Food for a Healthy and Happy Life

Tokiwa was founded in 1912 and has manufactured foods in Tajima for more than 100 years. We have continued to manufacture foods while focusing on fermentation and by taking advantage of local products and industries with the aim of delighting our customers through offerings of abundant natural resources from Tajima where storks are travelling in the sky. We believe that everyday foods should be a source of happiness. Daily meals demonstrate the connection between eating and living and help to develop feelings of warmth and sensitivity in one's heart.
You will learn about the bountiful ingredients delivered by nature throughout the four seasons and realize what it means to be alive. We want to support the heartfelt happiness and well-being nurtured by daily meals, family gatherings, and food. By creating a little happiness at the table, we are pleased to deliver such products to delight our customers.

Tajima, at a glance

Tajima is located in the northernmost part of Hyogo Prefecture and is a vast area overlooking the Sea of Japan and accounts for about 25% of the entire prefecture. The coastal area is designated San'in Kaigan National Park — one of the Global Geoparks — where you can observe the rare topography and geological heritage of the area.

Japanese food, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

Japan extends a long way from north to south and has four distinct seasons with a rich variety of natural resources. As a result, a diverse food culture has been nurtured that takes advantage of the blessings of nature.